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Why integrate a reservation system at your venue?

Wouldn't it be great if someone just showed up at your restaurant or café and took care of the shift scheduling, paperwork, and inventory management for you… a person can dream, right?

Lucky for you, the systems offered at OrderBuddy make your business a lot simpler to run.

A must-have for any business is a reservation system. Unless you're living under a rock, you know that all anyone can talk about lately is reservations and online ordering.

The OrderBuddy reservation system allows for an online table booking system and a pre-ordering facility.

The advantages of a reservation system in the hospitality industry go beyond efficiency in booking and reservation.

Hospitality venues flourish through quality services and meaningful relationships with customers. The reservation system helps you build sustainable relationships by identifying customers' buying patterns and recording relevant information to understand them better.

In the past, reservations and bookings were made manually, often leading to overbooking or double booking due to human error. It also leads to guest inconvenience.

You can avoid all those errors and inconveniences by embracing automation software like reservation systems.

Another benefit is that it saves time and money.

The introduction of reservation systems that work with all distribution systems eases the burden on hospitality management.

You can reserve tables and space for guests months ahead without worrying about losing track of the reservation. The system will display the booked days, preventing chances of double or overbooking.

Even better, you can use the reservations to make projections on the peak and low seasons and make preparations.

If you would like to know more about our reservation systems or any other system at OrderBuddy, visit our website for a free demo.


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