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Seamless. Effortless. Digital Systems. Ordering is made easy with Orderbuddy!



Seamless and Contactless digital QR code ordering is here!

In today's uncertain world, be certain about our digital QR code menu system. Perfectly paired with any smart phone, your online menu will instantly pop up for your customers.


Simple and easy to use with optional images for every menu item, customer spends can increase significantly through browsing all menu offerings, and having the customer take control of selecting their dishes and drinks.

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Quick and easy-to-use for any business!

With a bold and customisable interface, our POS system features many functions and modes to efficiently get your orders out on time.


With floor plans, dual language modality, live modifications and updates as well as a call notification system for takeaways, our POS captures everything you need for service as well as after service to understand the reports and health of your business in real time. 



One system, fully integrated with your POS, Printers and Online Orders

Our additional KDS offers an extension to your POS and Printing systems. A complimentary and easy to use interface that provides timely information on items that need to be sent out together, items that have been completed and still to complete, as well as the customer's wait time since ordering.


The KDS helps with back-of-house congestion and is a perfect addition to assist your workflow and service areas.


Live data and reporting right in your very own pocket.

Offering complete business transparency for venue managers and business owners, anytime, anywhere, right from your mobile phone.


Mobilebuddy brings you 360-degrees of holistic reporting, data analysis and real-time capture of service periods. This means more accountability, more feedback and more innovative opportunities to increase revenue streams by understanding your customer trends at a deeper level.



Buddy360 provides a booking and loyalty platform for online, iOS, and Android restaurants. Its booking system includes online reservations, a mobile staff app, and a management portal, facilitating automated table assignments and real-time availability tracking.


Features enable efficient table management, session settings, and customizable floor maps. The platform sends SMS/email confirmations, allows tagging and comments, and offers a waiting list feature. The loyalty program gives promotions like buy X get Y free, vouchers, and points accumulation, accessible via mobile wallets or the web. A merchant portal enables restaurant managers to configure settings for in-store devices.


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