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We all know the importance of a modern-day Point-of-Sale system for seamless transactions and minimal errors. Discover business made easy in the modern day world with Orderbuddy.

Multi Language Display

Instant Menu Updates and Syncing to POS

We pride ourselves in our dual language feature. We work with businesses from many cultural backgrounds... we understand that you may too!

Update your menu from our management back-end all in real time.

Easily adjust price points, add new specials or change the dish of the day, press save/publish and the iPad POS will sync automatically.

Update during service for stocktake and items to be current. 

Split Bill Option

Giving the customer and guests the option of splitting bills by $ amount or by product item means there are no disagreements and no items unaccounted for.

Accurate split bill payment means staff do not have to bring out a calculator or pen and paper to total any sums up! Everything balances with ease via Orderbuddy.

Compatible Easy Printing 

The Orderbuddy POS systems is compatible with the common Epson printers and we can create locked pathways for items to print to the right work areas.

This means no confusion for kitchen, bar and baristas. 

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We would love to hear from you! 

Send us a message below and one of our friendly customer care team members will get back to you within 2-3 business days.

Email us at for a FREE DEMO at your venue.

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