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We are the founders of Orderbuddy...

Having been in the hospitality & retail industry for over 20 years with our family businesses, we understand the challenges of running such a business. Therefore, we created a revolutionary solution for the Australian hospitality and retail market from our very own experiences and pitfalls — Welcome to the new way of ordering, creating sales, and communicating between front-of-house and back-of-house... We are Orderbuddy!

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Order Management at your Fingertips

Orderbuddy is a single system offering a range of innovative cost savings and efficient solutions to restaurants and retails who sign up with us. In a nutshell, Orderbuddy allows customers to walk into any store that uses our software and simply scan a QR code with their mobile devices to access the digital menu and catalogues at their fingertips.

Business owners can opt to choose 1 of 2 payment options -

1. Customers pay via their phones themselves as part of their ordering process

2. Allow customers to pay the venue directly after their dine-in experience with you

Contact free

Contact Free

Order through QR Code scan or Weblink on any smart phone device. 

Artistic UI

Artistic UI

State of the art menu designing system

Reservation & Order ahead

Reservation & Order Ahead

Online table booking system with pre-order facility

PO system

POS System

Integrated POS Server and Multiple Clients availability

Queuing system

Queuing System

Get notified when orders are ready, don't have to waste time waiting in the store

Online payment

Online Payment

Multi online payments options available including trusted and secure payment gateways.

Auto Generated Table No.

Don't have to type in your table number manually. The QR code syncs it for you!

Centralised system

Centralised System

Centralised pick-up, delivery & dine in orders that fit in multiple ordering demands

Database & Analysis

Database & Analysis

Easy to manage customer database and sales & performance analysis

Advanced KDS

Advanced KDS 

Multi display functions, get orders classified before displaying in the kitchen

Online store

Online Store

Supporting both offline and online sales

Split Bill Option

Integrated Split Bill Option for customer satisfaction. Split by product or by sales amount.

Making it more efficient to manage your business

Orderbuddy is the first independent R&D IOS based Total Solution for hospitality and retail businesses in Australia. Through live testing in restaurants, it has reduced front-of-house labour by up to 50%, and kitchen labour by 20-25%.


Using Orderbuddy helps streamline your systems, leave less room for human error so that your staff can focus on what they do best - serve their customers with attentive hospitality skills!

Orderbuddy reception side
Orderbuddy kitchen side
  • Our Kitchen Display System (KDS) surpasses other ones being used in contemporary international restaurant chains’ magnates. The orders are automatically classified before they get displayed on screens in the kitchen.

Other benefits using our Orderbuddy System:

  • Accept orders on your own devices 

  • Easy to manage your various menus

  • Centralised System:Third party online ordering system integration

  • Advise your customers of preparation time and any wait times through a simple click

  • Easy customer information and order management

  • Call alert when orders are not accepted



Special Promotion Deal for all hospitality and retail businesses signing up with us for the first time.

$299+GST Set-Up Fee (One time only)

$0 for your first 12 months!

The set-up fee includes: Full Menu upload, 2-hour on-location installation, Staff induction and systems training, 24-hour customer service support line

No Monthly Payment!

No Commission!

No Lock-in Contract!

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Since launching in 2020, Orderbuddy has proudly worked with over 150+ Australian hospitality and retail outlets. Join our growing community today!

Partner restaurants from Melbourne China town
Partner restaurants
Partner restaurants


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