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QR Code Ordering

Ordering is made easy with the Orderbuddy system!
Beautifully designed, web-based, digital QR code menus for your customers. Simple and safe.

No Apps

Secure Payment Options

Orderbuddy is the most efficient way to order without your customers having to download any apps or sign in as a member to any subscriptions! We are completely web-based which means any smart phone can simply scan the QR code to view your entire offering.

Globally recognised multi-payment offerings are all integrated into our Orderbuddy system. We do not take any additional commissions or surcharges and we pride ourselves in this transparency!

Service Bell

Customer needs a human touch? Easy Service Bell icon to call for customer service to assist or troubleshoot any queries! No disruptions to conversations or special moments!

Streamlined Ordering

A seamless transition from guests seating at the table, to ordering online, to kitchen/bar staff receiving the order and then delivered straight back to the table without any friction. It's a magical sequence of procedure for all.

We would love to hear from you! 

Send us a message below and one of our friendly customer care team members will get back to you within 2-3 business days.

Email us at for a FREE DEMO at your venue.

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