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Buddy 360

Buddy360 is a comprehensive platform available on web, iOS, and Android devices, offering booking and loyalty solutions for restaurants. The booking system includes online customer reservations, a mobile app for staff, and a web portal for management. Features include automated table assignments, real-time table availability tracking, and a waiting list to maximise restaurant capacity. Staff can manage bookings, set session parameters, and customise table availability. The platform also sends customers SMS and email confirmations/reminders, allows for tagging and commenting on bookings, and offers customizable floor maps. The loyalty program, accessible via web or mobile, offers customisable promotions. Customers can easily access their loyalty accounts through mobile wallets or the web, and restaurant managers can configure settings through a merchant portal.

Booking Features

  • Receive online bookings and auto-assign bookings to a table

  • See the list of bookings lined up for the day and the table availabilities on the floor map.

  • Quick assigning of tables for walk-in customers with ‘Assign Now’. This blocks out the table for online bookings.

  • Maximising restaurant capacity with a ‘Waiting List’ feature where bookings waiting for an available table are held, in the case the restaurant can squeeze the booking in.

  • ‘Session Management’ allows staff to set a period during which bookings are accepted and a guest limit before bookings are closed.

  • ‘Table Management’ allows staff to set flexible availability for booking based on a period. Staff can also easily open/ close a table

  • ‘Booking Calendar’ shows the number of bookings on each day, which helps managers allocate staff and manage bookings.

  • Sends SMS and Email booking confirmation/ reminder to customers

  • Tags and comments will be provided so that staff can make notes on the booking. E.g. Special requests, customer blacklist etc

  • Customisable and editable floor maps with different table shapes and capacities. Each table can also be configured to accept a min and max number of guests per table. (Helps with the auto-assigning of tables)

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