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Have You Heard of MobileBuddy?

With the power of real-time data analytics, the restaurant and cafe industry has improved. Businesses can address and solve their problems as they come and improve their services almost instantly.

Restaurants benefit from streaming real-time data because enhancing their customer’s dining experience is an ongoing mission, and returning customers are at the forefront of identifying which techniques and processes work best.

You may wonder what the live data entails; restaurant data analytics analyses every data point related to the business and converts them into meaningful insights, showing everything from menus and staff training to restaurant policies and marketing campaigns.

Analysing the metrics and reports associated with your operations is integral to your role as the owner or manager.

OrderBuddy offers a system called MobileBuddy that puts all your restaurant and/or cafe data into your hands.

This system provides complete business transparency for venue managers and business owners anytime, anywhere, from their mobile phones.

Mobilebuddy brings you 360 degrees of holistic reporting, data analysis and real-time capture of service periods.

This means more accountability, feedback and innovative opportunities to increase revenue streams by understanding your customer trends.

Restaurant analytics allows you to dive deeply into the numbers to understand better why your business is performing in a certain way, making it easier to make the changes needed to increase customer and staff satisfaction.

OrderBuddy features work seamlessly together or effortlessly alone.

If you’d like a free consultation or if you’d like to know more, visit our website at


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