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No More Queues, No More Worries!

Waiting in a queue makes us all a little stir-crazy, some more than others; just a couple of days ago, a shopper standing in the checkout queue of Woolworths was allegedly stabbed.

While the average person will not pull out a knife mid-queue, if there were a way to bypass the wait altogether, wouldn’t you?

Coming out of lockdown and jumping back into eating out and enjoying ourselves, we anticipate long queues and even longer wait times.

For both businesses and customers, OrderBuddy is the one-stop-shop to ensure a good experience all around.

The new Booking Queuing System is among a few new features added to OrderBuddy’s extensive list of services.

The system texts customers a notification to let them know their table is ready.

It is a feature that relieves staff from calling out over big loud crowds whilst simultaneously saving customers the anxiety from waiting around to be served.

The Booking Queuing System is available with any available systems, including the digital QR code menu system, the POS system, the kitchen display system (KDS) and MobileBuddy.

This new feature is among several other handy features which work seamlessly together or effectively alone.

To learn more about OrderBuddy, visit our website or contact us for a free demo. We would love to hear from you!


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