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Why You Should Offer Split Bills

The buzz around split bill payments is not going away any time soon.

A split bill can mean many things.

It’s either when a customer pays with more than one method of payment per a single transaction or the most common type; when a customer can pay with more than one card per transaction.

The second type is ideal for when customers come in big groups.

The benefits of offering split payments are endless.

It’s not only convenient to customers but also something that not every system is capable of.

This integration sets your store apart from the competition and will continue to boost sales and drive foot traffic.

The other benefits are cost-effectiveness, a decrease in payment failures, and good customer impact.

Having all the possible options and features builds a customer rapport in an efficient way and provide a smooth shopping experience overall.

Payment flexibility also increases your engagement rate because it provides convenience.

Catering to your customer's preferences increases the probability of them returning to your store.

Systems like those offered by OrderBuddy introduce more efficiency and potential to the business, improving the present-day experience and growing the overall business and helping you create new opportunities in the future.

The different systems under OrderBuddy work either efficiently on their own or effortlessly together.

If you need a refresher on what systems we have available, visit our website or contact us, and we’ll talk you through how you can enjoy OrderBuddy.


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