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Give Your Business that Competitive Edge

We’ve all seen the restaurant and franchise businesses go through some really tough times these last few years.

From total closures, outdoor dining, vaccine mandates and density limits, we have learned to adapt to uncertainty.

As we near the end of the pandemic hysterics, it is obvious that there are some things we can’t go back to like hardcopy menus and waving down your server.

Technology and innovation have helped and saved restaurants by completely transforming the overall guest experience.

Everything from online orders to self-checkout, and contactless payments, the restaurant industry has adapted to remain relevant and competitive.

Patronix Systems Inc. reported that in the US alone, digital orders have risen by 12% in the last two years.

This 'new normal' means the digital guest experience is no longer secondary to the physical experience, it's front and centre.

To achieve success in today's new normal, restaurants need to embrace new technology and third-party options and explore how to successfully integrate them into existing operations.

Luckily, OrderBuddy offers all the systems you need to give you that competitive edge in the restaurant industry.

The systems we provide work seamlessly together or efficiently integrated into your already existing system.

Check out the website for more on our systems and book a FREE Demo Today!


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