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How Tech is Improving The Customer Experiences

Advancements in hospitality technology have reset expectations for consumers all over Australia and are critical to keeping customers satisfied.

Technology will deliver faster communication, provide more direct results, and reduce overhead costs and access to customer habits and preferences when used efficiently and effectively.

As expected, consumer habits shifted during COVID19 to keep in line with government rules and regulations, meaning new technologies had to bridge the gap.

Before the pandemic, smartphones and mobile apps had become the de facto method for consumers to book a table at a new restaurant or order home delivery.

The hospitality industry depends on technological advancements to drive employee training, development and learning. Once your restaurant or business incorporates OrderBuddy into its already available systems, we offer full staff training to ensure your workers are up to speed and ready to tackle the joys of customer service.

Progress in the industry helps management create a consistent company culture across the business.

Contactless payments and orders are now must-haves in the hospitality industry.

Successful restaurants need technology that can keep up.

OrderBuddy is a single system offering a range of innovative cost savings and efficient solutions to restaurants and retailers who sign up.

Testing data indicates that restaurants that use Orderbuddy can reduce front-of-house labour by up to 50%.

We have an effective and efficient system for all your restaurant and business needs.

Our QR code ordering system allows your guests to order and pay for their meals conveniently from their own devices.

This helps improve table turn times, reduce labour costs, and better understand your guests with valuable data.

Our point of sale (POS) system technologies exist as a way to increase competence and ensure that you and your team are continuously operating at the restaurant's pace.

The OrderBuddy POS software is designed with an intuitive, easy-to-understand interface so staff can move quickly and new hires can learn rapidly.

It is also a no-brainer that the restaurant kitchen can be hectic, so the use of kitchen display systems (KDS) keeps things moving in the kitchen.

The KDS receives POS orders in real time, improving ordering speed, accuracy, and overall guest experience.

Technology is reinventing the customer service experience, and OrderBuddy is at the forefront of ensuring you get the best system on the market.

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