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The Choice is Yours

There are infinite reasons a business will choose to implement multiple payment methods and all of them are good.

From attracting new customers by illustrating that your business embraces current technology and is always venturing into new innovation to decreased overhead costs because the diversification of payment methods reduces surcharge fees.

Small businesses with low transaction volumes or high-risk industries should use this to appease customers while also foregoing the likelihood of increased fees through one payment method.

OrderBuddy uses multiple payment method features in conjunction with the systems, we have available.

The feature works seamlessly with our QR Code Ordering. The feature allows customers to decide if they would like to pay as they order or pay at the end of their time with the venue.

Another feature that can be used to streamline your business’ systems is the split bill option which has become more popular in the hospitality and retail industry.

Split bill option means no headache of calculation and saves customers the embarrassment of deciding who ordered what and how much they have to pay.

At OrderBuddy, our main focus is to ensure your staff can focus on what they do best and that is to serve your customers with attentive hospitality skills that keep them coming back.

If you need a refresher on what systems we have available, visit our website or contact us and we’ll talk you through how you can enjoy OrderBuddy free for the first 12 months.


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