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Running a hospitality business comes with the responsibility of being prepared and taking the necessary steps for efficiency and satisfied customers and staff.

A new menu layout is an amazing opportunity for your business to do what your chef can do and keep customers engaged.

Restaurant owners and managers know that designing a functional, effective menu is more complicated than just putting together a list of dishes and prices.

It goes a long way to add images, well-written descriptions, as well as choosing the right colour scheme and font.

A menu layout needs your restaurant’s branding, mood, and vibe.

Firstly, the menu will impact how the customers feel and the experiences they’ll have in your restaurant or cafe. Secondly, menus can be a marketing tool for your restaurant. This means the menu should:

- Tell your restaurant’s story.

- Present dishes in delicious ways that entice orders.

- Promote specials or items with higher margins.

The menu is more than just a showcase of what customers can get at your restaurant or cafe.

When designed well, your menu can be part of an overall experience that you create, from start to finish, for guests at your business.

OrderBuddy is now introducing 4 new menu layout designs for you to choose from.

Ranging from a fine dining layout to a build your own meal layout plus more, OrderBuddy has enhanced the customer experience.

If you need a refresher on what systems we have available, visit our website or contact us and we’ll talk you through how you can enjoy OrderBuddy free for the first 12 months.


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