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The hospitality industry is getting inventive

From QR codes to advanced mobile apps and robots, the hospitality industry is to adopt more technology within its operations over the years to come.

As consumers continue to communicate their expectations of alternative dining out, restaurants and cafes have no choice but to follow trends to stay relevant and in business.

While diners tolerated clunky transactions during covid-19, we are now in a post-pandemic era and so the focus has shifted to technologies that make the dining experience seamless and efficient.

For a growing number of restaurants and cafes, the use of QR codes and self-order kiosks has increased dramatically with the addition of robots and automated solutions.

While many restaurants added QR codes to their tables to eliminate high-touch menus after the pandemic began, they quickly became a great way to alleviate common inefficiencies, such as customers needing to flag down waitstaff.

Using QR codes could help servers to focus on bringing food and drinks to tables rather than spending time taking orders and processing payments.

At OrderBuddy, you have the option to incorporate the QR Code system on its own or with any and all the systems we have available.

The future looks promising with robots and drive-thru automation to complete the hospitality industry shift to technology-based systems.

It is possible that customers will be able to order at the drive-thru with voice automation technology or even deliver the food to the table instead of the waitstaff.

There's a host of technologies that can optimize various aspects of your business and make the current challenges you face more manageable.

Not sure what's right for your operation? Contact us and we will be able to help you navigate through all our systems.


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