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If you haven’t already made the switch to a QR code ordering system in your restaurant or café, it’s likely you haven’t been convinced it’s the thing for you.

Essentially, this system allows transactions to be touchless and has emerged as a permanent tech fixture leftover from the coronavirus pandemic.

But the QR code system is for everyone, let us explain why:

Each table gets a card emblazoned with the code, which means no wait times or awkward attempts at catching a server's eye.

Customers simply scan it with their phone camera to open a website for the online menu, and input their credit card information to pay, all without touching a paper menu or interacting with a server.

The spread of the codes also lets businesses integrate more tools for tracking, targeting and analytics.

QR codes can store digital information such as when, where and how often a scan occurs.

As a result, QR codes have allowed some restaurants to build a database of their customers’ order histories and contact information.

Restaurants that use QR code menus can save 30 per cent to 50 per cent on labour costs by reducing or eliminating the need for servers to take orders and collect payments.

Digital menus also make it easier to persuade people to spend more with offers to add fries or substitute more expensive spirits in a cocktail, with photographs of menu items to make them more appealing.

We discuss the benefits of digital menus in an earlier blog.

Are you convinced yet? Visit the site today and receive a FREE demo.


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