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Promotions and discounts are potent tools for driving sales and fostering customer loyalty. However, managing and executing promotional campaigns effectively can take time and effort for merchants. Enter the OrderBuddy App—a revolutionary solution to simplify creating, managing, and delivering promotions for merchants.

With the OrderBuddy App, merchants gain access to powerful features that empower them to take their promotional efforts to the next level. One standout feature is the ability to schedule promotions by time, allowing merchants to target specific time slots when business is typically slower, such as during non-peak hours. By strategically timing promotions, merchants can attract customers during off-peak periods and optimise their revenue streams.

Additionally, the OrderBuddy App enables merchants to launch limited-time offers and flash sales quickly. Whether a buy-one-get-one-free deal or a discount on select menu items, merchants can create compelling promotions that drive traffic and increase sales. 

With seamless integration with their existing POS system, orders placed through the app are automatically sent to the kitchen or POS terminal, streamlining operations and ensuring a smooth ordering process.

For orders paid online, transactions do not take 7 days to process; they will be processed by the end of the following day!

The benefits of the OrderBuddy continue beyond there. Merchants also gain valuable insights into the performance of their promotions, allowing them to track metrics such as redemption rates, sales volume, and customer engagement. With this data, merchants can refine their promotional strategies and optimise their marketing efforts for maximum impact.

In today's competitive marketplace, standing out requires innovation and creativity. The OrderBuddy App empowers merchants to do just that by giving them the tools they need to create compelling promotions, attract new customers, and drive sales.

Contact the OrderBuddy team and find out how WE can help YOU!


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