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Streamline your QR Code service in 1 way

One effective way to streamline your QR code service is to implement a centralised QR code management system. Here's how to do it with OrderBuddy:

  • Establish a database or software system that stores all the QR codes used in your business. Each QR code should be associated with specific products, services, or information.

  • Ensure all QR codes are generated using the same format and specifications. This consistency will make managing and maintaining the QR code system easier.

  • Develop a centralised dashboard or management interface that allows you to monitor and control all QR codes in one place. This dashboard should provide real-time analytics, such as scan counts and user interactions.

  • Consider using our dynamic QR codes that can be updated on the fly without changing the physical QR code. You can change the linked content (e.g., menu updates, promotions) without generating new QR codes.

  • Implement user access levels within the management system. This allows different team members to have varying levels of access and control over the QR codes. For example, managers can have complete control, while staff may have limited permissions.

  • Integrate analytics tools to track QR code usage. Monitor which QR codes get the most scans, which products or services are popular, and where users drop off. Use this data to refine your offerings and marketing strategies.

By centralising your QR code management, you can ensure consistency, efficiency, and better control over your service. This simplifies maintaining and updating QR codes, which can be especially valuable if you have many QR codes for various purposes in your business.


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