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Restaurants are Heading Towards Kitchen Integrated Systems

As technology advances and consumers get used to convenient ordering and faster restaurant experiences, businesses have had to reinvent how they serve and operate.

Any quick-serve or fast-casual restaurant must now juggle orders placed via multiple channels—from in-store dining, drive-thru touch screens, counter service, and delivery orders.

With more channels that open up to order, consumer expectations will continue to grow, forcing restaurants to adopt new procedures in their kitchens, front-of-house spaces, and overall restaurant operations.

These new procedures are the common electronic point of sale systems, kitchen management systems, QR code menus, plus more to help them deliver the ideal customer experiences.

Many of these technologies are built by different companies and can’t communicate with each other; that is why OrderBuddy has conveniently created a company that produces these technologies to work seamlessly together or even effectively alone.

Seamless communication between these automated systems ensures that the kitchen delivers high-quality food consistently and efficiently.

The Orderbuddy Kitchen Display System (KDS) keeps all your orders in sync, ensuring communication between the front and back of the house.

Our multi modes displays mean that restaurants, cafes and dine-in venues can now categorise their KDS by dish, by order or prioritise by courses.

We make it smooth and straightforward with timers and notifications so you can complete orders displayed clearly, and quickly.

We pride ourselves on our dual language feature because we work with businesses from different cultural backgrounds and understand that you may.

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